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GraphPad pro customization

GraphPad is a touch based engineering drawing application specifically designed for contractors who need to make accurate dimensional drawings as part of inspection reports, estimations and proposals.  In addition to having the best 2D dimensional drawing engine available on the iPad, GraphPad can also be configured to have a companies forms and libraries of icons.  Have GraphPad configured with your business forms, and you can complete a proposal on-site while carrying on a conversation with your customer.  Calculate areas, lengths and component counts to generate a cost estimate using the summary table.  Incorporate your own material costs in the library and have them distributed to all your sales staff along with your business forms via an email attachment.

Configuration Options:

Company Forms:

Templates for multipage documents of boilerplate text, form fields and images can be created to replicate your company work orders, proposals and estimates.  Watermark images can be included in your output to deter unauthorized use.  Summary tables, which automatically capture calculated areas, lengths and the number of countable icons added to a drawing can also be added to a company form; and Summary tables can be manually repositioned.  Available Fonts are those currently present in GraphPad C, and there are other restrictions as well - so Forms created in GraphPad C may differ slightly from your current company forms.  The Engineering Worksheet found in all versions of GraphPad is representative of a custom form.

Custom Libraries: 

Libraries can consist of Images, Symbols, Geometry and Text.  Library entries can be countable or not counted in Summary tables; Images and Symbols can either be to scale based on the drawing, or be of a fixed size.  Library entries automatically appear in the Tool Palette when the library is accessed.  The default tool palette icon is a png image of the library object, however, the icon is completely independent.  For countable objects - a user modifiable cost can be associated with the library entry which will be added to a Summary table (if one exists) every time the icon is added to a drawing.


Integration with existing systems:

Integrating GraphPad C with a clients business processes and systems can be done at different levels.  For small companies like sole proprietorships, integration can be accomplish through the email settings.  Forms sent out can automatically be blind copied to a company email address by simply filling out the email properties under settings.  Medium size companies can automate this process by having a script monitor the company inbox for GraphPad forms and automatically saving the PDF to a database or file system.  For larger companies that need tighter integration with GraphPad, a custom App will have to be created that handles their company specific web service calls.  The cost for integrating GraphPad in this manner is difficult to estimate and will be billed on a time and material basis, but subject to certain minimum costs and my availability.


GraphPad is still a work in progress, so there's still considerable room for improvement.  If a specific feature is missing, and it is required for your company's use - I'm open to adding the feature to the App and we can discuss the costs associated with doing this.  In some cases, I may be willing to absorb some of the development time for doing this myself, but all changes to GraphPad C will be available to any new and existing users and the intellectual property rights to these changes will be mine exclusively.

Custom Applications based on GraphPad

For larger projects, or when standard features of GraphPad C need to be over written or removed, it might be beneficial to create a completely separate application for a company rather then attempt to configure and enhance GraphPad C.  Projects of this nature will require my full attention and I will have to make both personal and professional sacrifices in order to work on them.  While this is still an option, I must consider my current obligations as well as the planned project duration, risks and profitability before taking them on.  My consulting rate will have to account for any personal and professional impact that projects of this scope will demand.  Like GraphPad and GraphPad C, source code will not typically be included as part of any consulting agreement.
Scheduling & Payment:
After discussing a project and agreeing on a price, work can not begin until I receive a significant down payment.  For small projects, less then a week, I will need 50% of the agreed upon price up front with the other 50% due upon completion.  Larger projects will conform to a strict schedule of interim deliverables and payments so both parties are comfortable with both the progress and compensation.  Scheduling of a project will depend on my availability which will vary based on my other personal and professional obligations.  Clients interested in having customizations are strongly encouraged to download the Freeware version of GraphPad Pro and become familiar with how the application works before contacting me in regards to their project since any significant changes may prove prohibitively expensive.  Assistance with gathering requirements and training is also available, but will be billed at my hourly rate plus expenses and subject to the same pre-payment terms listed above.

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