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GraphPad pro Documentation

GraphPad Pro is a touch based engineering drawing application specifically designed for contractors who need to make accurate dimensional drawings while in the field.  Sketch a design and GraphPad will snap the lines into alignment and leave you with a discrete set of points to work with.  Round corners and add drill holes with the exact radius.   Add dimensions and translate lines to accurately capture precise measurements.   Finish your design by adding pictures, symbols and text; then email it to clients and co-workers while still on-site.  

Video Tutorials

GraphPad Basics

Working with Lines

Working with Arcs & Curves

Dimensions & Text

Copying and Grouping

Group Basics

Deleting Objects

Image manipulation

Summary Table



How do I delete?
Deleting is one of the most basic functions of any application, and should be as simple and intuitive as possible.  To delete any object, just double tab on it or it's handle.  This may not seem intuitive until you've used it - after which you may wonder why other apps don't have this feature.


Note concerning the Curve Mode - Line Straightening Feature
The line straightening feature in the "Curve" mode uses a very complex algorithm to straighten lines, close gaps and snap to the grid.  While this feature can be extremely useful for doing quick sketches, it is totally inadequate for doing most dimensional drawings.  In addition, when used to excess this feature can cause the App to dramatically slow down and eventually crash.  I therefore, strongly recommend users do most of the detailed work in the "Lines" mode.

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